Dear Grandpa

2020 · Illustration

Illustrations for a commissioned book about memories. 

The book ended up being a collection of warm childhood moments between the client and their grandpa. As a character-driven narrative, I strongly focused on truthfully capturing each character’s behaviours, values and overall essence.

Preproduction - Character Design
Marie, the granddaughter, enjoys being alone, reading books and writing stories. Although a bit shy and highly sensitive, she loves playing and running around with her grandpa.

16 year-old
10 year-old  
5 year-old

a few poses

School principal with a dry sense of humour. Despite being strict with his students, he is very playful and cheerful with his granddaughter.
The aunt is a premature baby and has never been able to grow independent. She is quite moody and triggered easily. 

Her hard life taught the late grandmother to be independent and strong. She wasn't delicate with children and could easily get angry, but she had a big heart and was very generous.