Blood Donation

2021 · Brand Identity · Motion · Illustration

Proposed promotional campaign for Lifeblood, a not-for-profit organisation.

I interviewed people from different gender, age and culture on their knowledge and perception of blood donation. I found out time was overthrowing fear and pain as a primary factor hindering people from donating blood. The campaign raises awareness and depicts different ways we use an hour in our everyday life.

Promotional Posters

Instagram advertisements

Snacks advertisment 

The campaign invites people to question their time management and priorities in a playful manner rather than using guilt or shame.

Snacks are a fun part of the donating experience. They can creatively communicate information and awareness to make blood donation less

Preproduction -
Design Research Kit

I designed a digital and physical survey investigating why people choose to donate or not. 5 activities were to be completed by the participants to get a deeper understanding of what problem needed to be solved.
Some pages of the Design Research Kit